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My Planned Care is a new online platform NHS intends to launch to help tackle the elective surgery backlog created by COVID-19 pandemic. The main goal of the health data management platform is to support patients ahead of their scheduled surgery better.

The platform will provide targeted information and give extra support and transparency for patients expecting elective surgeries. Patients and those taking care of them will get relevant information regarding the surgery, including details about waiting time.

Less cancelled surgeries and speedier recovery


My Planned Care will also include personalised plans developed in partnership with clinicians. It is expected that the platform will help patients prepare for their surgeries better, reducing the number of cancelled elective surgeries, especially because My Planned Care would include tips regarding diet, exercising or quitting smoking.

This would also mean a better chance for a successful surgery and a speedier recovery afterwards.

Other health data management methods to tackle surgery backlog

The UK is not the only country with a surgery backlog. As COVID-19 pandemic continues, the problem persists all around the world. Platforms such as My Planned Care can help, but other means are worth considering as supplements, such as wearable monitoring devices, consultations through apps or telemedicine.

Public healthcare organisations should also look into partnering with startups for insights into how to better leverage patients’ data and optimise processes regarding elective surgeries. Using advanced data analytics helps forecast demand and manage capacity in real time.

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